Smokin' Bully's

Here at Bully's on Vista Boulevard in Sparks, a late lunch crowd enjoys sandwiches, chicken wings, and strips. Some may even have an alcoholic beverages with their order. But look closely and you'll see one thing absent. Ash trays. You won't see them here because of a relatively new law in Nevada that forbids, bars, smoking and food under one roof.

Owner Paul Sonner says he came up with a way to stay inside the law, but still have all three elements in one place.

"Smokin' Bullys, exactly."

This is what Paul is talking about. Located just across the parking lot from the Vista Boulevard Bully's is "smokin'" Bully's. It doesn't serve food, just alcohol so cigarettes are permitted. But if a patron wants something to eat here it can be done.

Here's how it works.Here at Smokin' Bully's I can smoke but if I want something to eat, I can look at the menu, and then go to the bar and place the order with Hannah the bartender.

Hannah then puts the order in across the way with the help of a computer. In 15-minutes my meal arrives at Smokin' Bully's with the help of a little leg work....Hannah will then bring the food the to table.

You'll have to eat from to-go containers because the kitchen facilities here have been shut down. But Hannah says most of her customers still love the idea.

Sonner says its just makes good business sence for an establishment that's known for good food but doesn't want to alientate a customer just because he smokes.

"I stand right in the middle. I don't smoke. But I own a bar. So I cater to everybody. I'd rather cater to everybody. So that's what we've done."