Nevada Merchants' Annual Taxable Sales Up Slightly

Nevada merchants ended fiscal 2006-07 on a weak note, but wound up with $49 billion in total sales during the year that ended June 30th, for a gain of nearly two-percent over the prior year.

The Nevada Department of Taxation says the sales for the full year generated $4 billion in sales taxes statewide, up nearly three-percent from the previous fiscal year. The state's share of the sales taxes totaled $1 billion.

The rest was divided among school districts, county and local governments.

A breakdown shows that in June merchants sold $4.5 billion in goods, down less than one-percent compared with the same month a year earlier.

Nine of the state's 17 counties, including the two largest, Clark and Washoe, were down compared with June 2006 sales.

For the full year, seven counties, including Washoe, had declines compared with their totals in the previous year.