Fish Die At Nevada's Wildhorse Reservoir

Thousands of dead fish are washing up on the shores of Wildhorse Reservoir, victims of depleted oxygen caused by warm temperatures and low water levels.

Nevada wildlife officials say campers and anglers intending to head to the popular lake north of Elko over the long Labor Day weekend will find less than ideal conditions - in more ways than one.

Fishing will be poor, it will probably smell like rotting fish, and there's bound to be flies.

Wildlife biologist Chris Drake says evidence of the die-off began last weekend.

He estimated up to 11,000 trout and 1,000 perch have died because of low oxygen levels in the water.

Most of the dead fish are large, ranging in size from 16-22 inches.

Biologists say the die-off will likely continue for a week or two when the weather cools.