Nevada Senators Still at Odds Over Iraq

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said after President Bush's speech to the American Legion in Reno today that Bush "continues to stubbornly pursue a flawed strategy" that has failed to deliver in Iraq.

The Nevada Democrat says Bush's policy has diverted attention from battling al-Qaida and depleted the military's ability to respond to other crises. He says "a change of course in Iraq is long overdue" and will be pressed by the Democrats who control Congress.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator John Ensign addressed the convention after Bush's speech in Reno today. He likened the U.S. troops in Iraq to those who stood up to the Nazis in Germany and communists in Asia, saying it would be irresponsible to "cut and run."

Ensign told the delegates, quoting now, "Thank God, we have a commander in chief who isn't willing to stand down and we have a
military who is willing stand with him."

Ensign says Bush understands that "if we leave Iraq today, the battle will move to our shores." He says it would be irresponsible to retreat from the threat, only to pass it along for future generations to fight.