Legion Members React to Speech

" I would'nt have asked the young men and women of our military to go in harms way if I didn't think success in Iraq was necessary for the security of the United States of America." declared President Bush in his speech before 5,000 American Legion Members.

Words that Diane Schmidt wanted to hear today. Her daughter is headed off the Iraq September 15th.

" Of course I am worried about her, I worry about her every day. I pray every day for her. But I know she doing the right thing. President Bush is doing the right thing and I support him wholeheartedly."

Like many in attendance here a the 89th Annual National American Legion Convention. Schmidt says she wanted to hear about positive progress made in the war in Iraq. The president may have touched on veterans benefits and laws protecting the country's flag, a majority of the speech was devoted to Iraq, and that's the way it should be says Fletcher Williams.

"You know the health issues will come at a later date, But the war right now. To get that to its completion is what we need right now."

"Leaders in Washington need to look for
ways to help our Iraqi allies to succeed, not for excuses to abandon
them." added the President.

The largest number of American Legion members come from the vietnam war era. Many of them listened intently on who was running the war. Ron Kizer a vietnam vet himself says the generals need to make the call not the politicians.

"I saw this thing in Vietnam where the politicians were running, not letting the generals run it we stepped out when we should have pushed forward. I'm glad to see we are doing this one right."