Airborne Vets Relive Memories

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Former soldiers from the Army's famous 82nd Airborne Division are holding their annual convention in Reno this week. This morning at Stead they were treated to a sight that brought back memories and connected generations.
Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne direct from the home base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina making a practice jump that was in many ways a salute to their forebearers and the history of one of the Army's most storied divisions. Watching with a mixture of pride and envy, an audience of men who once wore the "All-American" patch, many of them in combat.
Comrades in arms represent much of the history of the 82nd. A good portion of the history of American combat was written by the soldiers in the 82nd.
World War 2 to the Korean War...Vietnam and more recent conflicts in the Middle East. the 82nd has played a role in them all.
The annual convention of the 82nd Airborne Association is a chance for these men to remember the past, honor the present and today's jump gave old buddies like Jim Evanoff and Carroll Garrett a chance to remember when they were the young soldiers standing in the doorway and stepping off.
These men formed bonds with each other and with their outfit yeas ago. That bond endures and watching today's paratroopers today connected them to another generation.