Bears Encroaching on Washoe Valley

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Another bear sighting in Northern Nevada.
This time, the animal was outside a Washoe Valley home.
At least a dozen people...have spotted black bears on Carson City's west side in the past three days.
At the light of day, there was no sign of the bear.
Sheriff's deputies say the homeowner scared the animal off...when he fired one shot in the air.
Kenneth Emerson says the bear probably made it down to his place.
His bird feeders were knocked to the ground when he got up in the morning
"I assume the bear came back cause the feeders have been down before, said resident Kenneth Emerson."
Wildlife officials say the number of bear sightings will *only* increase...over the next several months.
Many of the animals were forced out of their habitat...when the Waterfall Fire burned all the vegetation.
They're getting ready for the harsh winter.
Natura lResource officials say the bears will be looking for any kind of food...from trash, bird feeders, or even pet food.
That's why he says it's so important to leave everything indoors or locked up.