Missing UNR Professor Assaulted Last Year

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Judy's husband, Jim Calder, says that although her disappearance remains a mystery, it's not the first time his wife has been victimized. Jim says his wife was brutally assaulted on August 25th last year, at her home in Incline Village. A masked man left her with cuts on her face and black eyes.

Washoe County records clerks confirmed an "attempted homicide" case involving Judy Calder, but would not provide any details surrounding the incident. Several of Calder's colleagues on campus told us the assault came shortly after a disagreement with a student over academic dishonesty, but they had no further details. UNR students say these type of situations are always kept private.

"When there's academic dishonesty, for the sake of the students and faculty involved, it's a good idea to keep it low key, because of fear of retaliation," said UNR student, Cameron Dyer.

Calder's husband says the police were never able to figure out who tried to kill his wife, only that they suspected it may have been tied to the case of the disgruntled student.

Police say they are still conducting interviews tied to the investigation of her disappearance, but will not discuss last year's assault case, nor it's involvement, if any.

As students return to their classes at UNR, they say the timing of professor Calder's disappearance has not gone unnoticed.

"I think it's scary that it just happened right before school started. There's obviously a lot of girls around her so if it happened on campus and it's someone really scary, you know," said Adrienne Bonie, a student at UNR.

Students say they also received a mass email, letting them know about Judy Calder's disappearance, and they've also seen fliers posted up around campus. The professor's family is still offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can help locate Judy.