Rio Fire Contained; Believed Human-Caused

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Authorities say the "Rio Fire" on Rattlesnake Mountain in Reno is contained.

The fire broke out around 5:45 p.m. near Rio Poco Road and Matich Drive.

Although close to a residential area, the fire initially burned away from homes and up the mountain. The Reno Fire Department says that's why no evacuations were called for.

Two planes were dropping retardant on the blaze.

At one point, the fire seemed to head for homes on Bayridge. But firefighters say diminishing winds helped them get the blaze under control before it could destroy any houses.

The fire is estimated to have burned 12 to 13 acres. It's believed the fire began near Rio Poco Road and spread from there. RFD says matches were found near the origin of the fire. Additionally, the fire officials say, with no lightning in the area, the fire is believed to be human-caused.

Anyone with information on how the blaze began is asked to contact authorities.