Still Looking For Last Minute School Suplies?

It's back to school time for many students tomorrow in the Reno area and a handful of parents were out and about picking up some last minute items before the big day.

This wasn't the first trip to the store for many parents and it likely won't be the last.

Many kids say they aren't entirely sure what they'll need until after they've completed their first day.

Department stores were considerably picked over today but most parents were still able to find the latest fads in binders, backpacks and pens.

Many people were carrying around check-off lists that ranged from the more conventional items to the utterly bizarre.

One parent says the school's demand for supplies is always changing.

The national retail federation says back to school spending in the united states is expected to hit $18 billion.

Target, in south reno says its sold $11 thousand worth of school supplies, yesterday alone.