Annual Burning Man Festival Begins On Northern Nevada Desert

More than 40-thousand people are expected to converge on the northern Nevada desert beginning tomorrow for the annual Burning Man counterculture arts festival dedicated to "radical self-expression and radical self-reliance."

Participants from around the world will spend the week leading up to Labor Day in Black Rock City, a makeshift five-square-mile emcampment on the playa of the remote, sprawling Black Rock Desert,
about 120 miles north of Reno.

Authorities expect as many as 45-thousand people to attend the eclectic, anything-goes gathering. Last year's crowd peaked at 39-thousand-100, up six-point-six percent over the previous year.

The festival climaxes with the traditional torching of a 40-foot-tall wooden figure known as "The Man," the event's namesake object.

Protecting the environment is the theme of the 22nd annual festival.

In addition to solar panels powering the pavilion at the base of "The Man," the event will feature demonstrations of bicycles with generators and gasification machines that eat trash.