Nevada Chancellor Decides Not To Donate $3 Million To UNR

University Chancellor Jim Rogers says he and his family will no longer consider donating three million dollars to the University of Nevada, Reno because of a regent's negative comments in Rogers' annual job performance evaluation.

Rogers says he had talked to U-N-R President Milton Glick earlier this summer about making the donation to help raise the private matching money needed to build a new math and science center.

But he said yesterday that the talks ended after Regent Ron Knecht of Carson City questioned his integrity in the June 22nd job evaluation.

Knecht says he was disappointed by Rogers' additional decision not to make any future donations to higher education in the state, and that his criticism was meant to be constructive.

Rogers, who has contributed to both parties in past elections, donated 20-thousand dollars to Knecht's opponent in the nonpartisan race last November.

In his June written evaluation, Knecht criticized Rogers for what he called "integrity problems" that included micromanaging the eight higher education institutions.