Storey County Arsonist Sought

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Investigators in Storey County are asking for the public's help in catching a fire bug who may have been setting fires for the last year.
The latest in what may be a series of four fires.. was started early this morning or late last night.. at a home under construction on Sazarac Drive.
Though this fire was small.. investigators say.. it's the most serious of a cases.
Kimberly Martin and her family have been building their home for the last year.
This morning.. they returned to the construction site to find a burned out closet just off the garage.
Martin did not want to talk on camera.. but says they immediately called authorities.
According to Virginia City District Fire Chief Joe Curtis.. these fire *have* graduated in intensity and sophistication.. in fact.. this is the first that has been *inside* a building.
: "The previous ones have initially been started quite a ways from a structure. The next ones occurred next to a structure. The next one occurred in the driveway of a structure, Curtis said"
Martin says since her new home has been under construction.. there have been a couple of minor incidents of vandalism though it's unclear whether this fire may be related to those incidents or the fire bug investigators are looking for.
Either way.. Curtis says.. he wants homeowners in the Virginia City Highlands area.. to keep their eyes peeled.