Professor's Disappearance a Mystery

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Sparks police have now asked all nine western states for help in finding the missing woman. They've checked bank accounts, phone records, and personal items...looking for any clues that could help determine why Judy Calder went missing.

Police say Judy Calder's disappearance is "suspicious," and she could have the been the victim of a crime...but the question is, who may have wanted to harm her? So far, police are following leads from witnesses, family members and colleagues. Calder's medical condition has made her case a priority.

"I do know she has diabetes and is on medication for it, and that she has blood pressure medication and that she would need it. I know that's she's probably in need of that medication so it is imperative that we locate her," said Commander Steve Asher, of Sparks Police Department.

Calder's family says they still have hope...but that Judy would never have left without telling someone. They're offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can help find her.

"We are calling upon the community. We need you. Somebody, maybe could have noticed something. Whoever may have taken her and is holding her, it's never too late to find goodness and let her go. It's never too late," said Carolyn Conger, Judy's sister.

Police have also set up an investigative hotline for Judy Calder. They say they are interested any little piece of information you may have, that could help them find her.