Lawmakers To Probe Safety At Mine; Searchers Drill Final Hole

The families of six trapped miners are "waiting for a miracle."

Sonny Olsen, a lawyer acting as spokesman for the families, says the families had lost some of their hope that the miners would be found alive.

But, he says, they're waiting for a miracle.

In a sign of how desperate the families have become, organizers planned a benefit Friday night to raise money to drill a hole big enough for a rescue capsule.

That was successful at Pennsylvania's Quecreek coal mine.

But miners there were trapped only 240 feet below the surface for about three days.

The fundraising event is called "Leave no man behind."

The six men have been in the Crandall Canyon mine in central Utah since the collapse August 6th.

Five holes bored into the mountain into the area where the men were thought to be working or where they might have fled have provided no signs of life so far.

A sixth hole is being drilled now.