Downtown Standoff Ends in Arrests

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After a brief stand-off, Reno police arrested two teenagers who escaped Sunday night from the Nevada Youth Training Center in Elko.

The 16 and 17-year-old boys were captured Tuesday afternoon after a standoff at the Rancho Sierra Motel on Fourth Street.

Cops say the two boys stole a car in Elko then dumped it before stealing a truck and heading to Reno. Both vehicles had firearms inside.

When police surrounded the motel they say there were several teens inside the escapees' room. Everyone surrendered right away - except one of the escapees.

Police say he grabbed a gun,kicked out a window and tried to escape.

The two boys have been booked into Juvenile Justice Center for escape.

Police say they'll also likely be charged with possession of stolen firearms and for stealing those cars.

As for the other teens inside the motel room, they were questioned and released.