UNR Professor Still Missing

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Judy Calder worked as an associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at UNR. Her colleagues, family and friends are both confused and devastated over her disappearance.

"She was my boss when I first arrived at the University in 1999. I worked with her for about 3 and a half years. She was my friend and my mentor," said Lisha Stone, who used to work for Calder.

Stone told us she last saw her friend around August 9th or 10th. Calder was reported missing by her husband on Sunday, but he hadn't spoken with her since the day before. Police say she checked into the Nugget in Sparks around 5:00 p.m. Saturday. Stone says Calder often stayed in local hotels, so she'd be closer office on campus.

"She liked to work on the evenings and weekends when no one else was there. She just preferred that. She lived at the lake, so she stayed in town a lot."

Calder and her husband, James made their home in Incline Village. Stone says their marriage was solid.

"They had a great relationship. He always knew what she was doing, where she was. He'd bring her lunch."

Which is why police are so baffled by her disappearance. Detectives from UNR searched Calder's office for any clues among her personal belongings. They scoured her computer, her files...but so far, the only clue seems to be the very place they found Calder's car on Sunday.

Her SUV was spotted just South of campus on Evans Street, between Fifth and Sixth. Police won't say what they found in Calder's car, only that evidence is being processed.

Stone told us she thinks her friend's disappearance was pre-meditated. She says Calder was somewhat of a loner, who usually kept to herself.

"There were people she worked with in the past who thought she was different. When I left, people said 'oh you're so lucky you got out of there.' I never had a problem with her. Other people did."

The latest information from police is that a subject described only as a dark-skinned male was seen driving Judy Calder's vehicle on Sunday around 10:00 a.m. in the same area where her car was found on Evans Street.

At this point, police are treating the case like a homicide. Calder's friend told us that Judy is a very responsible person and if she had wanted to leave, she would have told someone and not just disappeared.