Democratic Candidates Court Local Unions

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Democratic Presidential Candidates are courting Reno area unions hoping for increased voter turnout and greater campaign contributions.
Political Action Committees sponsored by unions offer candidates a lump sum of votes and big coffers.
Professor of Political Science at TMCC, Fred Lokken says winning union support is the best way to compete in Northern Nevada because the area is more or less a republican strong-hold.
In addition, he says most unions are disappointed in the current administration.
There are union members who would rather vote Republican and in Nevada that's not a problem.
Unions we spoke to like the Teamsters, and the Nevada State Education Association say members can opt-out of donations to their Political Action Committees.
If you really want to make a statement, Nevada is considered an "open shop" state, so you can keep your job but leave the union.
As Nevada's 2008 Democratic Caucus approaches, politicians are hoping for a turn out of 100,000. Labor unions are expected to play a major role in making sure that happens.