Alcohol Caffeine Drinks Targeted

The beverages in question are located near the malt liquor and beer section of a grocery store isle. They have names like Sparks, Tilt, and Charge.They can contain up to eight-percent alcohol and are infused with caffeine.

Erika Roberts says she started drinking them about six months ago.
"It's the caffeine, the drink is great, you get the great buzz. And you feel the zing, but the caffeine keeps you up and keeps you going."

Roberts says one draw bac,the caffeine keeps her from sleeping for hours. According to Attorneys General across the country advertisers of these drinks see that as a benefit. Combine that with the fact that teens are one of the biggest consumers of energy drinks period, and they say, you've got a problem.

Nevada's Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto explains."Here's what happens. The number one drug of choice for teens is alcohol. Teens are the number one buyers of these energy drinks. Now you are mixing the two. Now the concern is the distributors who are distributing energy drinks that have a mix of alcohol, are providing misleading statements to individuals and teens, saying to them, this caffeine may have a amelioratory affect on alcohol so don't worry about it. You don't have to worry about the fact that you are drinking alcohol, and that's not true, that's a concern. "

Masto and her colleagues are asking the Alcohol Tobacco tax and Trade Bureau to investigate the claims made by these beverage makers.
In an interview yesterday with Anheuser-Busch yesterday a spokesman says he was confused as to why the attorneys general were targeting his product, he says there's more caffeine in a cup of Starbuck's coffee.

"A cup of Starbuck's coffee doesn't have alcohol in it." replies Masto

Manufacturers say their labeling clearly states there's alcohol in their drinks and you must be 21-to buy them.