Utah Mine Boss Defends Handling

Bob Murray is promising to keep searching through the weekend and drill another hole into the mountain where six coal miners have been stranded for two weeks.

The co-owner of the Crandall Canyon mine defended his actions in
the rescue attempts since the miners were trapped on August 6.

He says he "didn't desert anybody."

Some family members of the missing miners have been critical of Murray the last few days.

Crews finished drilling a fifth hole into the mountain today.

Officials planned to bang on a drill bit and wait for a response, take air readings, and lower a microphone and camera.

They also expect the results to be the same as in the other four holes.

There have been no signs of life.

Murray says a sixth exploratory hole would be drilled beginning tomorrow if the latest attempt is unsuccessful.

He said he might resume mining in other parts of the mine, but not in the area where the miners are trapped.