Caesars Palace Settles Sexual Harrassment Suit

A lawsuit filed against Caesars Palace has been settled for $850,000.

The seven female kitchen helpers and a male supervisor complained about the women being forced to have sex with other supervisors in a quote, "makeshift sex room."

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says the women, aged
19 to in their 40s were taken into the room by supervisors starting in 2000 and forced into sex on threat of being fired.

The women were also subjected daily to sexual comments or requests. Many could speak only Spanish and were vulnerable to authority figures.

Commission lawyer Anna Park called the room a, quote, "dirty little secret." Other employees knew about the room and the abuse.

Harrah's Entertainment, which bought Caesars Entertainment in June 2005 said the supervisors have not worked at the casino for four years.

It did not admit wrongdoing in the settlement, but agreed to post it in English and Spanish and implement a system for handling complaints.