Local Vick Reaction

Meet one and a half year old Minion...a 90-pound pitbull owned by Myles Malo. You probably couldn't find a more mellow dog, and that didn't happen by accident. Malo says with kindness, and care, and proper socialization this is the way pitbulls are suppose to be.

"You become real attached to them. We treat them as family members, they are buddies."

Malo says he's grown up with pitbulls and knows of their reputation...as a breeder he is at times come across people who want the animal for more than just a companion.

"A lot of times they ask about their game. If they have game on either side of their pedigree. That's if they are even interested in a pedigree dog. And that normally sets off a real flag for me."

Malo says he won't sell those who want to use pitbulls for fighting. The sport he says angers him and in an odd way the Michael Vick case has been a positive.

"Someone as famous as Michael Vick is getting in trouble for this, he is going to catch the blame.... You know punish the deed not the breed."

Michael Vick's attorney says Vick will plead guilty to federal dog fighting conspiracy charges on August 27th. Attorney Billy Martin says his client is paying a high price for allowing old friends to influence his behavior.

The case started back on April 25 when authorities raided his home in Virginia and found 66 dogs, many injured from wounds associated with dog fighting. Vick's cousin lived at the home, and Vick himself claimed he knew nothing about the operation. With his guilty plea, he will most likely face no further charges. Malo says the punishment though should fit the crime.

"I think he should be locked up in prison for murder."