Angora Fire Victim Searches for Her Missing Dogs

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Noel McKeon lost her home in the devastating Angora fire, but she's held out hope her missing dogs escaped the blaze.

Noel says her dogs may have recently been spotted on a sidewalk near Sharlands and Mea Anne.

Noel's Golden Retriever, Riley, and Sheltie-mix, Kelsea, were seen running the day of the Angora Fire. That day Noel was away on a business trip, but she thinks firefighters may have knocked down the door to her home, allowing her beloved pets to escape.

"That's all I want... that's all I want are my dogs back," she said.

Noel flew to Reno all the way from her new home in Saint Louis to look for her dogs. After placing an ad on the Internet, she says a local real estate agent contacted her saying she saw Riley and Kelsea in Western Reno. Noel says someone could have brought them down from South Lake Tahoe and abandoned them because her Golden Retriever needs medical care.

Noel has hung up posters in Reno, and at the lake in case the recent sighting was a false one. But even after an article was published in a Tahoe-area newspaper the dogs still haven't turned up.

"When I first saw my house after coming back from my business trip, that's all I thought of were my dogs the rest of it's just stuff," she said.

Riley is a Golden Retriever and was wearing a silver choke collar. Kelsea is a Sheltie-mix and has an "s" tattoo on one ear.

If you think you've seen Noel's dogs, call (530) 318-5348, or e-mail