No New Trial for HIggs

Late Friday afternoon, a Washoe County Judge denied a motion for a new trial for Chaz Higgs. HIggs was convicted last month of murdering his wife former state controller Catherine Augustine.

Judge Steven Kosach ruled there was neither misconduct nor prejudicial information exchanged during a chance meeting between LInda Platshon and Judge Chuck Weller during the trial.

During testimony, Weller and Platshon, also known as juror number 2, described their brief exchange as an "encounter," not a meeting. Weller is the judge allegedly shot by Darrin Mack. The Mack case was referenced during the Higgs trial.

Higgs’ attorney, David Houston, wanted a new trial, claiming the conversation between Weller and Platshon prejudiced Platshon. And according to Houston, Platshon had coversations with others on the jury about the meeting which he says tainted the entire jury pool.

Houston asked for a continuance, saying he had other witnesses and evidence contradicting Platshon's testimony today. But Kosach denied that request and well as the motion for a new trial.

Houston says he expects to file another motion for a new trial within the next two weeks providing transcripts and other evidence which will show Platshon had an entirely different story when Houston's investigator as well as half-sister had extensive conversations with her.