Wild Horse & Burro Expo

When you think of Mustangs you may think of wild horses running on the Nevada range. But the western states wild horse and burro expo will show you these horses in western pleasure, driving and even performing dressage.

If you know nothing about horses these guys probably look like any other. But consider many of these mustangs were wild on the range, and with the help of adoptions and training can now perform in horse shows with the best of breeds.
Nancy Salaices a Mustang Owner lkes to show off her curly main and tailed black mustanf.

"This is Prometheus he is a curly mustang I got him last year at the Bishop show, he is originally from the Ely area."

Carly Eller likes to show off her Paint Mustang. "He does like to be ridden and he does like shows."

The versatility of the Mustang is evident here, the horses will compete in western, english, driving competitions. But what's most important about this breed for organizers here, is that it be promoted, appreciated, and kept safe.

Budi Ross is the president of Wild Horse and Burro Expo
" Improving that public perception of the wild mustang they are a viable breed and I compete with this guy against Quarter Horses and other breeds all the time. (and how do you do?)
we take home a check every once and a while (laugh)"

Ross adopted his horse Smokey about six years ago...they've been inseparable ever since. But that kind of love affair doesn't always exist in the outside world where some would prefer these animals be processed for human consumption or go the way of the covered wagon. An attitude people here would gladly disagree.

13 year old Caitlin George responds this way. "They are worth saving."

And while there's always education going on here, don't be fooled there's nothing like good competition. Lady Hawk was adopted here last year. This year she's come back and taken first place in the mare halter two years and under.