Edwards Campaign Moves Some Staffers

Listen to the activity here at Edwards' Campaign Headquarters and its tough to believe the candidate is moving out of Nevada and concentrating on Iowa and New Hampshire. Adam Bozzi Press Secretary for the Edwards Campaign in Nevada says there are only minimal staff shifts, and this is no reflection on the importance of the Silver State-- rather its a issue of timing.

"We are shifting a few trained staffers from Nevada to the other states but we remain as committed as ever to winning Nevada."

According to an Associated Press report, the campaign is moving staffers from Nevada to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina for quote: " a reflection of the uncertainty about the prominence of the first Western contest and Edwards' tight resources.

Rich Houts from Building and Construction Trades says Edwards seems too committed to the people he has met with here in Nevada to cut bait now.

" When we've met with him he has asked us questions about what are issues are in the state instead of what his agenda is...what do we need and that goes over real well with my folks."

Houts says Edwards forces the other candidates in the presidential race to take labor seriously. He's visited Nevada more than any other candidate and frequently meets with union members sometimes two or three individuals at a time.

But according to Edwards' campaign there's another primary contest to consider before the Nevada caucuses on January 19th. Bozzi says that's why two staffers have gone to Iowa to help out in the Iowa caucus. and New Hampshire's primary may move to December.

"As Nevada becomes closer...the caucus is closer in Nevada we will bring staff here you know as we get closer to the caucus we'll be staffing up."