Toy Recall

The "Sarge" die cast toy from the "Cars" line is being recalled because the toy contains lead levels that are higher than federal safety standards. Manufactured in China, Mattel says consumers should take the toy immediately away from children.

Two weeks ago the toy manufacturer recalled infant toys for the same high lead level paint. Reno Resident Laurie Osborne says the news has her worrying about her five month old Corrine, and another two year old daughter in day care.

"My understanding is the government is suppose to be looking out for our kids, and if they are not doing that then there is a problem."

"Toy recalls are emotional because they impact children. The CPSC is dedicated to keeping all consumers safe but we act especially swiftly and we speak loudly when the recall impacts our most vulnerable population group, our children" says Nancy Ford who is currently acting chairman of the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

But Ford says the lead paint in some toys is just part of the problem. Toys like this Barbie and Tanner, or Polly Pocket Play Sets, Doggie Day Care, and even Batman figures--all have small magnets inside that can fall out. Young children are swallowing those magnets...and when there are more than two magnets those same children can run into some big health problems.

Pediatrician Dr. Vincent Loffredo from University Health System explains what happens when the magnets meet.

"Magnets are interesting if you swallow more than one they attract each other. They can actually cause a pinching of the internal organs, and so if one were to... two were to come together in the wall of the small intestine it could actually perforate or create an ulcer there could be bleeding inside or an obstruction the child could get very ill."

The Consumer Products Safety Commission says at least one child has died and 19 others have had to undergo surgery since 2003 because of ingesting small magnets. But none of those injuries are related to toys involved in this current recall. Ford admits the recall is overbroad to recover as many problem toys as possible.

Mattel says check your child's toy box and if found contact the company for a replacment toy. You can get a list and more information on the recall by going to our "Hot Topics" page.