Fatal Moped Accident in Sparks

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The fatal crash happened at the intersection of Mccarran & Nichols Boulevards. The name of the moped rider is being withheld, until his family can be told.

The moped driver was headed east on Nichols, when he collided with a truck headed northbound in the center lane of Mccarran. When the moped driver hit the truck, he was thrown into the air and landed several feet away. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sparks police and paramedics responded to the crash just before nine o'clock.

"I heard a big old smash early this morning. It woke me up," said Daniel Moser of Sparks.

Some witnesses say it was the most gruesome accident they had ever seen at that intersection.

"They were working on him, trying to resuscitate him, to bring him back," added Moser.

Unfortunately, paramedics could not save the moped driver. The driver of the truck only received minor injuries. This wasn't the first time Rick Rodriguez of Sparks has seen a collision at that particular intersection. He says it was just a matter of time before someone was hurt or killed there.

"You've got trucks coming out and cars coming out this way. They're trying to beat the light, or beat the trucks. I think it's one of the worst intersections in the city," said Rodriguez.

Sparks Police say every busy intersection in the Truckee Meadows is prone to mishaps...and this one is no different. There's no word yet whether or not speed or alcohol were factors...that part of the incident is still under investigation.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper, Chuck Allen says even without knowing how it happened, it's who it happened to that's of interest. He says motorcycle versus vehicle accidents often have traffic endings.

"The car is basically going to win, so pay attention, ride smartly and ride safely," he said.

So far this year, there have been 30 motorcycle fatalities in Nevada...compared with a total death toll of 49 by the end of 2006. Motorcycle fatalities now account for 11 percent of total fatalities across the country...exceeding pedestrian fatalities for the first time since 1975.

"But we haven't even had Street Vibrations yet or the bike rally in Vegas. Typically, we can have three fatalities during street Vibrations across the state," said Allen.

Sparks police are looking for help in determining what happened at Monday morning's crash.

They say the are interested in talking to any witnesses who may have seen anything and can help speed up the investigation. If you have information, we've provided a phone number to the Sparks traffic section. Just go to our home page on click on the "Hot Topics" link.