Community Recovering After Deadly Fire

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Bob Goodman hasn't slept since flames destroyed the place he's called home for the past 33 years.

Goodman is a local photographer who was returning from a slide show when he saw fire pouring out of his residence at the Skyline Mobile Home Park.

The former firefighter is trying to deal with the irony of losing his home.

I've dealt with fire for a lot of years," says Goodman. "And i'm not about to make a decision.Ii'm just going to let everything gel and see where I can move on from there.

Goodman says he's lucky considering what happened to the elderly couple who lost their lives next door.

Neighbors say the husband had just broken his back and his wife had recently undergone a hip replacement. The couple had just sold their home and were planning a move to Yuba City.

Another man died while trying to save the couple, despite suffering from a broken ankle. One neighbor says the good sumeritan never had a chance.

"They had oxygen tanks in the house," says Linda Mowray. "When the guy went in the oxygen tanks exploded and killed him instantly. It was terrible."

Investigators said the cause appears to be linked to unattended smoking materials, and that oxygen in use in the home may have contributed to the rapid spread of the fire.