911 Tapes Released in Sparks Middle School Shooting

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SPARKS, NV - Those seconds immediately following the shooting were horrifying. Students trying to help each other while running for their lives, teachers acting on instinct and more than two dozen calls to 911.

Caller: "This is a student from Sparks Middle School. Can you please send police out here? There is a kid with a gun."

Around 7:16 am Monday, the calls started flooding in.

911: "911 emergency."

Caller: "Someone brought a gun to school and shot a teacher."

911: "Shot... The teacher is down?"

Caller: "Yes."

The recordings capture the terror heard in the voices of those on-scene.

911: "OK, and do they still have the gun?"

Caller: "I don't know. We are all crammed here, just please come."

Dispatchers say in just a few minutes they received more than 25 reports of the violence.

Caller: "He said that the kid was following people around. Like pretty much chasing people when he saw them."

911: "Alright. We have no clothing description or anything."

Caller: "All we have is the grey jacket."

Dispatchers tried to get as much info as possible out of the callers, so officers were better prepared when they arrived on scene.

911: "Where are they with the gun?"

Caller: "Sparks Middle School."

911: "I know, but where at the school? That's what I am saying."

Caller: "By the basketball courts."

911: "By the basketball courts?"

Caller: "(unintelligible) yeah, come quick. Get some help."

Police arrived in just three minutes, but still, callers were frantic and were looking for medical assistance.

Caller: "I need an ambulance."

911: We already have an ambulance on the way."

Caller: "I have a kid down that has been shot."