Band's Musical equipment Stolen During Reno Special Event

Police were searching for thieves who made off with more than $60,000 in musical equipment belonging to a Southern California-based band that performed at Reno's annual celebration of classic cars and music.

A trailer containing the property belonging to Ronnie & The Classics was stolen sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday from outside a Reno motel, police said.

The trailer contained dozens of items, including guitars, drum sets, an electric piano, speakers and amplifiers.

Also stolen were 1950s-style costumes that the band wears during performances.

The band has been a fixture at Reno's Hot August Nights for the last 15 years.

The quintet was booked through this past week at the 21st edition of the event, whose 10-day run ends Sunday.

"We've been doing all the jobs we were hired to do, but also running around renting equipment and doing out best to at least put on some kind of a show," band namesake Ron Kakebeen officials.

"The Hot August Nights committee gave us T-shirts that we've been wearing since all our costumes were in the trailer," he added.

Hot August Nights is northern Nevada's biggest tourism event, drawing an estimated combined attendance of 800,000 for all activities.