Talk Show Controversy

Bill Manders broadcast from Hot August Night's at Victorian Square this afternoon where he talked to Congressman from Las Vegas Jon Porter. While this broadcast seems rather staid, its those shows which take on the issue of immigration that has some in the hispanic community upset.

HIspanic Activist GIlbert Cortez gives one example, " He's wrong that we did not, our people, latino people have not come to the United States as a...wanting to overthrow the government."

Cortez says Manders has every right to voice his beliefs on the air...but when it becomes hate speech, Cortez says the line has to be drawn...the consequences he says are far too great.

"Sooner or later we are going to have people attacked on the street." says Ariel Aceves a Reno resident.

Cortez and Aceves talked to us from Wells Avenue an enclave of hispanic culture with plenty of businesses--many here Cortez says are hard working legal residents. He agrees with Manders. He says something needs to be done about illegal immigration, but parts ways with the talk show host on the solutions.

KKOH told us they had no comment about Cortez's accusations...
We tried to talk to Bill Manders himself before his radio show got underway here at Victorian Square, but he did not make himself available. Ironically in his show today he was talking to a Nevada National military recruiter...Cortez is a Korean Veteran.
" I want to tell him, hey I fought for my country did you?"

In today's broadcast Manders encouraged his listeners. "You see these guys out on the street in uniforms do me a favor folks go over and shake their hands and tell them thank you."