Michelle Obama Explains Husband's Mystique to Reno Crowd

Michelle Obama says there's a simple explanation of why people can't always figure out her husband.

"Barack is exactly who he appears to be. I know that's hard to understand in politics."

Speaking for about 45 minutes to more than 300 supporters Thursday at the Pioneer Center in downtown Reno, Michelle Obama echoed many of her husband's sentiments that it is time for a change of attitude in Washington.

She said the Bush Administration has thrived on spreading fear and the Democratic senator from Illinois is the right man to lead the change.

"We have been operating in this country in a way that says fear everything and everyone," she said. "Fear the war, fear terrorists, fear people around the country, fear people who don't look like you, who don't pray to the same God as you."

Calling her husband a fresh voice of hope in a cynical world, she said, "Barack doesn't have years of experience in Washington, that is true, but my position is we've seen (people with) years in Washington, and they haven't gotten us where we need to be. What Barack Obama offers is common sense, judgement and a deep intellect."

On a personal note, she said, "He's smart, he's decent, a good
husband and a good father."

She brought cheers when she added, "And he's got me. I'm ready for this."

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