UNR Power Outage

A power outage cancelled some classes at UNR Thursday afternoon. University officials say a switch inside of a transformer caught on fire, leaving every building south of the College of Education without power.

The University is advising that faculty and staff use administrative leave if their jobs are affected by the lack of power. Power is not expected to be restored until Friday at the earliest.

Students are asked to check the university's website to see if their classes are cancelled. The university has also set up a hotline: 775-784-1110 x4.

Below is a list of buildings effected by the power outage:

1) Fleischmann Agriculture
2) Sarah Fleischmann
3) Greenhouse
4) Morrill Hall
5) Ross Hall
6) Jones Visitor Center
7) Frendsen
8) Clark
10) Mackey Science
11) Orvis
12) Palmer
13) Mackey Mines
14) Facilities
15) Lincoln
16) White Pine
17) Nye
18) Getchell Library
19) Juniper
20) Virginia St. Gym
21) Church of Fine Arts
22) Chemistry
23) Ansari Business Building
24) Schulich/Liefson
25) Mack Social Science
26) Buildings and Grounds
27) Judicial
28) Cain Hall
29) Journalism
30) LME
31) Judicial