Pigeons Days Numbered in Virginia City

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Virginia City is a peaceful and clean community these days. but it wasn't long ago that a seemingly innocent group of pigeons were wreaking havoc on the city.

But now, it's illegal to feed pigeons in the area, thanks to a new law passed by county commissioners.

Violators face up to a thousand dollar fine or even six months in jail.
That punishment and another tactic are making a very big difference. County Commissioner Greg Hess says local youths are enforcing their own population control...with shotguns.

Many people agree with Hess that something needs to be done, but some argue that the new legislation is too extreme.

"It's excessive," says Francine Borlee from the Mark Twain Museum. "They have a right to be here...there must be a better way than just starving them to death."

Although it's controversial, the new ordinance seems to be working.
In fact, other city's might follow suit if it proves to be effective in the long run.