Highway Safety Questioned

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This week the Pleasant Valley stretch of Highway 395, south of Reno, has seen two fatal accidents calling into question the safety of the road.

The two accidents happened within12 hours and within a couple of miles of each other.

Police say a northbound Saturn sedan, driven by 40-year-old Samuel Cole from Sparks, collided with a southbound Chevy Blazer, driven by Michele Austin, 41-years-old, also from Sparks.

The accident killed the two passengers and sending the drivers to the hospital. Twelve hours earlier, the 25-year-old driver of a northbound car was killed when he crashed into a southbound van.

At both accident scenes, there are no concrete barriers to divide traffic and according to NDOT, there are no plans to put them there anytime soon.

Scott Magruder with NDOT says they will put rumble strips in the medians and advises drivers to be more attentive and to slow down.

Brynda Larsen lives in Washoe Valley and sends her kids to Pleasant Valley Elementary School. Her parents' group has lobbied for a safer stretch of highway.

NDOT admits the majority of their resources are directed toward the $300 million extension highway, set to be complete in 2008.