Fire Safe Council Meets in West Reno

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The Hawken fire scorched more than 27-hundred acres and neared homes in several West Reno neighborhoods. Now people in the Caughlin Ranch, Juniper Hills and Juniper Ridge communities are considering joining the Nevada Fire Safe Council -- they met to discuss the idea Tuesday evening.

If the communities join, they could get assistance applying for funding to reduce the dry vegetation that allows wildfires to take off.

An official says it typically costs about 20 dollars a household to join the council, and groups of various sizes can be chapters.

In the past five years, the council says it has helped complete $7 million worth of threat reduction projects.

There will be another meeting for West Reno residents Wednesday. That one will focus on restoring the Hawken Fire burn area. It's at 6 p.m. at Caughlin Ranch Elementary School.