Mitchell Found Guilty

Asked when she knew Mitchell killed her daughter Linda Bratton says between 1984 and 1985. Her daughter Sheila Harris was murdered in 1982.

Sheila Harris's mother accompanied by her two daughters had a tough time keeping her emotions hidden when the guilty verdict was read. The defendant 62 year old David Mitchell sat stoically in his chair staring straight ahead.Mitchell was a handy man at the Lompa Lane Apartment back on January 6th 19-82 when Harris' body was discovered.

Prosecutor Neil Rombardo described the crime scene. " Her hands were tied behind her back and she was strangled by an electrical cord."

Rombardo says the DNA evidence collected at the scene and more than a decade later tied to Mitchell cinched the case. In office for only eight months, this is by far the biggest trial Rombardo has ever worked. Watching the emotion flow from the courtroom into the hallway had an impact on him.

"I felt very passionate about this case. I feld really bad for the family that they had to go through this for 25 years. So it was emotional for us as well"

Linda Bratton expressed her appreciation for the District Attorney's hard work.

"Neil Rombardo and Gerald Gardner inherited a cold case and they tried it with all the passion and dignity Sheila deserved."