Flight Delays At All Time High

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Reno-Tahoe International Airport is fairly small, so when you compare its reputation for tardiness to other airports...we're not doing too bad. The problem is, when you travel, those bigger airports can still make you late.

These travelers headed in and out of Reno have experienced problems with delayed flights:

"On our way here we got stuck in Vegas for like three hours. That was really hard."

"We are going to Chicago and our flight was delayed due to weather there."

"When I go through Chicago, Denver, sometimes Dallas."

All of those flights are somehow connected through Reno...so even though local travelers could be feeling the stress of a delayed flight, Reno Airport officials say, usually the domino effect started somewhere a little busier.

"Only 35% of our capacity is used right now, so in contrast to O'hare, Atlanta and New York, they're overcrowded. We have lots of capacity here," said Brian Kulpin of Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

Even without crowding, your flight still could still be late.

"December 26th of last year, we had 90 mile per hour winds. That caused diversions, cancellations and delays," said Kulpin.

San Francisco businessman Todd Barney flies through Reno about four times a month. He says he's delayed around 30% of the time...which is still well below the national average for 2007.

"Yesterday I flew up and was delayed by an hour. I missed my first two meetings and tried to set up a schedule and make everything perfect. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way."

Airport officials blame a number of things on the tardy flights. For one, more hurried passengers now opt to check their baggage so they don't have to deal with stricter security measures. They say flight delays are one of the unfortunate realities of air travel...and even in Reno, you sometimes just have to roll with it.

"It's kind of like a bus station, you know? You can't just expect everything to work out for you perfectly."

Kulpin says one thing you can do is try to look at the bigger picture. Before you fly out of Reno, take a look at the schedule and flight conditions for where you're headed. If there's a big snow storm in Denver and that's where you are flying, you can probably expect delays.