Hero Emerges Amid Devastating Plane Crash

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Immediately after Sunday's plane crash in Meyers, CA, witnesses say 30 to 40 people rushed over to help -- One of those bystanders, proved to be a hero.

Meyers resident Gary Olive was at a nearby flea market when the crash happened. When the single-engine piper aircraft went down, he rushed to help.

Olive saw the pilot, 36-year-old Robert Rollins of Concord, CA, inside the wreckage. Together with another bystander, he pulled the man from the burning plane. Gary says Rollins was on fire and he used clothing that was strewn about the accident scene to put the flames out. Gary says Rollins didn't seem to be alive.

As the scene of horror played out, smoke enveloped the wreckage but somehow Gary saw through it, and glimpsed a woman still strapped into her seat.

"She was, had her safety belt on and I couldn't pull her out. One of the sheriffs through the fire and smoke and everything he got in there and cut the belt and just as soon as he backed out, then I went in and got her, got a hold of her hand and arms and pulled her out," Gary said.

The woman was alive and airlifted to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno.

The FAA says the crash left 26-year-old Rachel Belo of Brentwood, CA with serious injuries. However, Gary's actions may have given her a fighting chance.

Gary says his what he did wasn't heroic -- He just reacted.

"You don't even think about it, just an automatic response, you don't get scared until after it's over," Gary said.