Gas Guzzlers at Hot August Nights

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Most of the gorgeous classic cars are what most people would call true "gas guzzlers" but the interesting thing is, most car lovers don't seem to care.

The 1967, Pontiac GTO, a car so fast it has it's own song. The car's owner, Dan Savino, says gas prices have gone way, way up since the car was new.

"But gas was 17 cents a gallon when I was a kid. 17 cents for 22 gallons. Not bad huh? How much now? 3 bucks. Who cares?" said Savino.

Like many other classic car owners, the price is right for an event they live for. Mark Barnett cruises in from Sun Valley everyday to show off his 1954 Dodge truck. He says he only uses premium in his true love...

"It's a 12 gallon tank, but it only takes 30 or 35 bucks. Yay!" said Barnett.

Others aren't so pleased with the prices these days. Earl and Cathy Rau came all the way from Edgewater, Florida with their 1948 Chevy Coupe.

"It's a 19 gallon tank and it gets about 15 miles to the gallon," said Earl.

Usually the couple drives into Hot August Nights...but this year, they decided to tow their classic car.

"We paid anywhere from $2.79 to $3.19 a gallon, depending on the state. The lowest I think was Texas as far as gas prices went," said Cathy.

It cost the Rau's around 750 bucks in gas to get to Reno...and they still have to drive back.

"If it's still this much net year, we might not come. It's too much of an expense," said the couple.

Finally, there are some classic car owners who hate the prices, but know a few tricks to saving on fuel costs. Tina Coffman knows just the right way to tweak her 1969 Plymouth Sports Satellite.

"I downsized the carburetor, changed the jets, adjusted the timing. I filled her up real good and I get about 17 miles to the gallon on the freeway, 15 in the city. A lot of my friends can't stand me for that. Prices are going down, which is good, cause we want to cruise this year," said Coffman.

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