Wyoming Museum Acquires Plains Indian Artifacts

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody has acquired a private collection of Plains Indian artifacts that could be valued at more than $22 million.

The collection belonged to the late Paul Dyck (DYKE), of Rimrock, Arizona.

Only a few people have had access to the collection of nearly 2,000 items, which Dyck kept at his ranch home.

Officials say it has never been available to the general public.

The heart of the collection dates from the late 1700s to the mid-1800s.

The Paul Dyck Foundation Research Institution of American Indian Culture decided that the best place for the collection was at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

The Cody center will launch a fundraising drive to raise about $10 million necessary to complete the purchase and preserve and maintain the collection.

Museaum officials say a few items may be displayed by next summer, but it will probably take at least three years to catalog, document and conserve the entire collection.