Report Updates Capital City Fire Losses

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Seventeen homes were lost in the Waterfall fire, two more than had previously been reported, according to a new damage assessment report on the 8,700-acre blaze on the west edge of Nevada's capital.

All but one of the homes were lost in the upscale Kings Canyon and Timberline areas, according to the Waterfall fire assessment report released Wednesday by the Carson City Fire Department. The 17th home was on Betts Road, off Curry Street.

Fourteen other homes suffered damages, one business was lost, two others suffered damages and 32 outbuildings and 51 vehicles were destroyed or damaged, according to the report.

The fire, apparently started by a smoldering campfire near a small waterfall in Kings Canyon, roared out of control nine hours after it was first reported July 14.

As it raced down the canyon the fire also damaged or destroyed several firefighting vehicles. A day later, it moved northward and torched Timberline homes.

The assessment is part of an ongoing investigation by the Carson City Fire Department, acting chief Stacey Giomi said Wednesday.

Carson City Sheriff's Sgt. Bob White said authorities talked to 10 to 15 witnesses but weren't able to identify who left the campfire.

We've interviewed just about everybody we could," he said. "There's no more leads to follow up on."

Damaged city property included seven locations along roads used by bulldozers brought in to cut fire lines. A mobile home, outbuilding, two trailers and metering equipment at the city-owned Quill Water Treatment Plant in Ash Canyon also were destroyed.

Two water supply tanks for the Lakeview area received slight damage from retardant dropped by aircraft.

Officials have said a 75-25 funding plan will ensure that federal funding sources cover three-quarters of the state's fire suppression costs. Combined state, federal and local suppression costs total about $7.2 million.

The report didn't include an estimate of the value of the lost homes, although that figure is expected to easily total several million dollars.