Bear Released Back Into Wild

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This particular bear has become very familiar to wildlife biologists. They say this is not first...or the second time she has been discovered in places she shouldn't be.

Can you imagine the shock those people must have felt when they saw a 200 pound bear, right in their backyard? She was tranquilized and captured Thursday...and again last year...and then, there was that time back in 2001.

"Never really getting into trouble, but kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eating apples off people's trees. She's been in the trash cans, things like that," said Carl Lackey, Black Bear Biologist for the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

She's known as Bear Number 67 to the biologists who tagged they know where she's been, what she's done...and where may be headed.

"As dry as conditions are, she'll be back down along that urban interface. That's where the dependable food is," said Lackey.

Friday, Bear Number 67 was taken to the east bowl of Mount Rose...not too far from where she was captured. Now keep in mind, she's 18-years-old, getting "up there" for a bear, and she's been through this drill before. This could be why Bear Number 67 was reluctant to leave the trap...she knew what was coming.

Biologists used Russian bear dogs and rubber bullet guns to scare her up a tree, so she would not go wandering back into any backyards.

The bear's natural defense instinct is to run up a tree..and then hang out there for awhile...which is exactly what Bear Number 67 did. She's free to roam in her natural habitat know...and even though biologists have gotten to know the veteran bear...they can't too close...and they can only hope they won't see her again.

Biologists have around 191 other bears tagged in our area...they've all been studied and released, free to roam about.

This time of year, many of them are roaming into human territory...and that's exactly the type of action biologists are trying to avoid.