Bear Scare in Downtown Reno

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The afternoon bear sighting was near downtown Reno in someone's backyard on Plumb Lane.

The Nevada Division of Wildlife game wardens had just returned from dropping off another bear they picked up in Pleasant Valley, when they were called out to another.

The game wardens shot the female bear with a tranquilizer gun, sending her straight up a tree. They waited for several minutes on the ground, to see if she would fall...but it took a little longer than they expected.

After some loud noises and clapping, the bear finally fell to the ground where the wardens were able to successfully drag her up a steep hill.

The bear didn't receive any serious injuries from the fall, but she certainly caused a stir among neighbors.

The game wardens tell us this is not the first time this bear has found herself in civilization.

She was already tagged, so wardens were able to confirm she is a 200-plus pound, 18-year-old black bear...and she delivered a litter of cubs just last year.

The Division of Wildlife will transfer the female bear to spend the night in Carson City with a biologist.

She will then be released back into the wild on Friday, where game wardens say they hope she will remain this time.

Earlier in the afternoon, a Pleasant Valley family found a bear in their backyard...and this morning, a 660 pound bear actually entered a home in Incline Village. Wildlife officials say that was the biggest bear they've ever handled here in Nevada.