Nevada Check Up Debated

Sun Valley mom Sindy Romero says she heard about Nevada Check Up when her son needed surgery she could not pay for.

"They approved me in a week. It was like an emergency or something and they covered the entire operation which was like 10,000 dollars now he eats and he gained weight he was really underweight and it helped me out a lot."

Romero says since then, Nevada Checkup has paid for two year old Alexsis' and one year old Kelvin's medical care their entire lives. They are just two of the 80-thousand Nevada kids Nevada Checkup has helped in the last decade.

Betsy Aiello from the /Nevada Checkup Program says the program helps save kids who otherwise might fall through the cracks.

" It provides medical, dental, vision insurance for children that families make a little too much money for medicade but do not have enough money to buy private health insurance. It only goes up to 200% of federal poverty level the family income. It fills that hole."

Families that qualify for Nevada Health Check pay for premiums but at a lower rates than someone who has health insurance through their employer.

But the fate of this program is literally up for debate in Congress this week. While some law makers want to increase money to programs like Nevada Health Check, others want less funding than what is proposed and they want to limit who qualifies. President Bush says he'll veto the bill calling for increased funding...But right now senate leaders say they have the votes to override that veto.