Waterfall Fire Day 2

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The fire has burned at least 8,000 acres of land and the fire is
expected to continue to grow as hot, dry weather and windy conditions continue to push the flames.

Huge plumes of smoke are pouring into the sky and creating what looks like a curtain of smoke to people seeing the fire from the ground.

The fire was burning just a short distance from the Governor's Mansion, but didn't damage the building.

Firefighters say 16 structures were destroyed and about 550 other homes and businesses are currently threatened by the wildfire.

Some officials say they've counted up to six homes that have been burned to the ground. Sierra Front Interagency Fire officials say the homes that were destroyed appeared to have a combined value of several million dollars.

Some firefighters have been hurt fighting the fire, but most of those
injuries are considered minor and are attributed to the ground crews working in very rough terrain.

There is no information on containment of the fire and no estimate as to when that will happen.