New Postal Restrictions

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The new rules take effect Monday, July 30. Starting then, if you want to mail a stamped package or envelope that's more than 13 ounces, you'll have to come into the post office. The US Postal Service says it's a measure to improve security.

Parcels greater than 13 ounces and with stamps as postage will no longer be allowed to be deposited in collection boxes or picked up from homes.

The rule used to apply to packages upward of 16 ounces.

You can still avoid standing in line, if you aren't mailing your heavier than 13 ounce package with stamps. If your package has labels from automated machines or, it can still be picked up.
ATM-like devices will weigh packages and print the alternative postage.
They're in many post office lobbies and typically only accept traceable credit or debit cards.

Monday, if you deposit a package more than 13 ounces in a collection box, expect it could be returned. However, the USPS says businesses can continue to print their own labels and mail packages of any weight.