Red Cross Step In To Aid Fire Families

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Two large families are recovering Sunday after a major fire ripped through their northern Reno homes Saturday evening.

Both families are now being cared for by the Red Cross until pernament accomodation can be arranged.

The Wagner family was sitting down to dinner when a loud pop interrupted their meal.

This led to thick black smoke, a roaring fire and a big pile of ash.

Otto Wagner and Reno firefighters are still trying to figure out what sparked a major blaze on Autumn Leaf Way Saturday.

Firefighters immediately struck a third alarm when the second home caught fire.

Fve engines and two trucks eventually extinguished the fire but not before flames destroyed most of the Wagner's home.

The fire department say as many as 15 people will need to be relocated.

The Wagner family told me the fire spread so quickly through the house, they weren t able to take out any of their personal belongings.

Firefighters were able to rescue one of the family cats, but obviously a very tragic experience for everyone involved.