Armed Robbers Strike For the Fifth Time

Armed robbers strike for the fifth time in Reno, this time at a Raley's off of Keystone Avenue late Friday night.

This is the latest in a string of attacks that police officials are investigating and belive to have been carried out by the same armed gunmen.

A previous attack occured in the early hours of Friday morning at a Sak-N-Save in South Reno.

It is the latest in a string of armed attacks throuhout Reno the first being at the Alabi Lounge, where three men armed with a shotgun and pistol burst into the bar, sending one man to hospital.

Reno Police Officals belive this lastest attack was carried out by the same three men.

Three men have been arrested by Reno Police and held in connection with a car theft and the Raley's robbery.

Police officials say that they are not ruling out the possibilty that all five armed attacks are connected.

If you have any information regarding these three attacks please contact the Reno Police Department or here at Kolo 8 News.